Recirquel troupe support

MEDITOP Pharmaceutical Ltd. tries to support innovative productions in the world of performing arts as much as possible, of which the Recirquel company is an outstanding representative in Hungary.

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The Hungarian company Recirquel’s ever-changing production IMA, which received dozens of five- and four-star reviews and the prestigious Seoul Arts Award at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, was a resounding professional and audience success at the world’s largest arts festival. The production, directed by Bence Vági, was performed 112 times between 4-27 August and was seen by around 10,000 spectators. Critics in leading British public and cultural magazines have written superlatives about the “unmissable mystical journey”, an “astonishing dance theatre production” that brings the audience to a “near nirvana”. Thanks to its success, the IMA has received numerous invitations from leading arts institutions and cultural programmers around the world, from South Korea to London and Canada.

IMA trailer: