Adverse reaction reporting


If you notice - or are informed of - any unusual symptoms or side effects after using any of the medicines marketed by MEDITOP Pharmaceuticals Ltd., you can report it

1. to the pharmaceutical authority (
2. or to a healthcare professional (doctor, pharmacist, nurse)
3. or to MEDITOP Pharmaceuticals Ltd:

    •  and via the MEDITOP website applying the registration form below (fill in the fields below and press SEND)

If you do not wish to report to MEDITOP Pharmaceuticals Ltd. using this adverse reaction reporting form, you can find other contact details of the company in the CONTACT menu.

    The data marked with * are required for valid notification by regulatory requirement.

    The notification will be handled in accordance with privacy and data protection rules. The name and contact details of the notifier will be used only for any further data requests related to the clarification of the case and will not be disclosed to third parties (including the pharmaceutical authority).

    The scope of personal data in the case of a notification of a drug reaction is determined by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) on the basis of EMMI Regulation 15/2012 and Article 18 of Act XCV of 2005.

    Thank you for your reporting to help us work towards safer use of our medicines.