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Gézengúz Foundation support

MEDITOP Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has been a regular, key supporter of the Gézengúz Foundation since April 2023, to ensure that its niche activities can be fully implemented.

The Gézengúz Foundation was established in 1990 by Dr. Judit Schultheisz for the systemic early childhood intervention care of premature, neurologically damaged, at-risk or developmentally different children.
For more than 33 years, the Foundation has provided complex assessment, therapeutic, rehabilitative, developmental and preventive care for infants and young children from newborn to school age. As a nationwide provider, we welcome families with young children in five centres (Budakalász, Óbuda, Budafok, Győr, Salgótarján) with a team of specialists (paediatrician, paediatric neurologist, psychologist, physiotherapist, developmental teacher, physiotherapist, physiotherapist, physiotherapist, neuro-hydrotherapist, physiotherapist, art therapist, nurse).

The Foundation’s core activity is part of the national health habilitation, rehabilitation and pedagogical services. The care of children from newborn to 6 years of age is provided in cooperation with general paediatricians, a network of child protection services, university clinics, hospitals, specialised clinics and professionals from institutions involved in child development.

One of our Foundation’s specialities is the provision of hydrotherapy for rare diseases, and we provide neuro-hydrotherapy for SMA patients, including children who have received Zolgensma® gene therapy.

You can find out more about the Foundation’s activities on the website and on the Foundation’s Facebook page