We receive greater exposure to fungal infections in public baths. The use of closed sports shoes made from artificial materials, as well as the use of underwear and other clothes made of artificial materials can also help diseases to spread.

Fungal infections most often affect feet and the skin between the toes, as well as the groin, armpits, the area under the breasts and that between fingers. Humidity and warmth favour the development of fungal infections. The Mycosid complex provides a solution to fungal growth because it can be used both for the prevention and treatment of local fungal infections

Unfortunately, fungal infections are extremely tenacious and need long-term treatment. As a result, the prevention of such infections is of particular importance; Mycosid powder is particularly helpful in this. The powder is an anti-fungal medication for external use with a slight constricting and anti-itch effect; it can be used to prevent and treat surface fungal infections of the skin that produce both dry and oozing clinical lesions. It is to be used after the thorough cleansing and drying of the skin surface.

Mycosid powder can also be used for prevention, once a day on body flexures, notably the foot, particularly when closed and poorly ventilated shoes are used on a regular basis.

Treatment of existing infections: use 1-2 times daily on the areas most frequently affected (feet, between the toes, groin, armpits, area under the breasts, other body flexures).

In the case of athlete’s foot, use on the inside of the socks and shoes to prevent reinfection.
Available without a prescription.