MEDITOP Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was awarded the 3rd Central and Eastern European Manufacturing Excellence Award at PHARM Connect 2017. The recognition was awarded for a project completed in 2016 that enabled the complete renewal of its existing film coating activities.

The main element of the project was the commissioning of a film coating machine, which can be used for coating tablets in medium-volume production (up to 6-8 kg) and which offers the possibility to surface treat tablets in batches of several tonnes without any change or scale-up. The system operates on a continuous principle, while providing gentle film coating conditions. The system installed is the first and currently the only medium-scale film coater in Europe operating on this principle in a pharmaceutical application.

The award, given by a jury of scientific and industry experts, is a great recognition for the company and confirms that its scientifically rigorous development methodology is a unique approach to developing and optimising the production of film-coated products. The company is confident that the process presented and awarded will attract the interest of domestic and foreign partners where such a solution is needed to cost-effectively produce a stable product that meets current requirements. The innovative process, whether justified by the need for flexible production size or the specific sensitivity of the formulation (especially for tablets containing heat-sensitive active ingredients or with poor mechanical properties), may offer unique opportunities for the development of special processing conditions.

The size of MEDITOP Pharmaceuticals Ltd. enables it to maintain and increase its competitiveness by applying processes and development approaches that other competitors do not have. The methodology introduced, presented and awarded at the event, will enable this to happen, as well as further refining internal processes to make the company an attractive, innovative and unique option for other partners, in addition to optimising its own product manufacturing processes.